Mama Kat’s Writing Prompt

mama kat writing prompt

What grade is your child going to be in?

Share a memory you have of yourself at that same age.


Gabe is going into 4th grade. I could say the expected response…”NO WAY! Where did the time go?” but instead I am embracing his age and growth and maturity. I am excited about these years to come – good and bad, hand in hand. He is going to have a great teacher who is going to help him reach places unknown! I was homeschooled in 4th grade and I DID have a teacher who enabled me to reach places unknown. My mom was a wonderful teacher, although I don’t remember much content from 4th grade. A memory I do recall is 4th grade Sunday School. in our church the 4th grade class met upstairs. And when I say “upstairs” I mean up in the belfry! We got to climb the old creaky stairs in the entryway. Then at the top of the stairs we turned left, pass the costumes and decorations for all the plays we put on and the sound system room, pass the rope that rang the bell for Sunday Worship and into our room. It was a simple room. A long 8 foot table with wooden chairs, a podium for the teacher – WHO JUST HAPPENED TO BE MY GRANDMOTHER! – and best of all 2 windows! OH and how could I forget the “wall” that faced the sanctuary opened up in partitions to allow for extra setting during events, special programs, and weddings. Many times our plays were videotaped from this very sunday school room. My cousin, Jean, and I would race up the stairs to get the best seat…the one right by Grandma!


As Gabe goes into 4th grade he will grow and advance and mature in Christ through a godly Sunday school teacher who have taken her time to prepare and present the words of God to her students. Not much has changed in the realm of 4th grade. Even with the advances of technology kids are still kids and boys will be boys!


Here’s to a great 4th grade year, Gabe! I love you!



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    1. The belfry just over looked the corner of park and church street. Kittycorner from the church’s main entrance was Revolutionary War or Civil War (?) memorial statute. The town I grew up in had a small town America atmosphere!


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