Books Review ~ Hymns of the Heart

hymns for the heart

Hymns of the Heart by Adam Faughn is an in depth study of 35 psalms. The text looks deeply into the meaning of the original text, and how it correlates to the majesty and glory of God – the original author. The psalms are still relevant today, and this books allows the reader to read them intently and apply their meaning to today’s situations.

This book is not an easy, fluffy read. If you love the Psalms and want to study them more deeply, or if you want to learn more about this unique book of the Bible this book is for you. However, it is not just a book to pick up lightly. This book will challenge you and make you think. It will stretch you. It will offer you a different perspective on the poetry of the Bible. What I loved about this book is that it took each Psalm it covered apart piece by piece, verse by verse and sought to apply it to today’s Christian. Written by a pastor, you know you will receive a godly perspective as well as one with insight and deeper study.

I recommend this book to any seeker of God and to anyone who wants to know more about the Psalms.

I received this book as a complimentary copy from BookCrash in return for an honest review.

Impromptu Camping @ Cowanesque Lake, PA

After a day of looking at and test driving RV’s we decided to go camping at 4pm Monday afternoon. I made reservations on the way home and threw together camping gear while Matt and the boys got the boat ready and hooked up.

We had to stop and get our cooler from mom and dad and then drop the dog off at the kennel. Well it took a little longer than usual because the brakes on the boat trailer decided to act up again and lock up. Once we got to the Kennel they were smoking! It was insane. So 1 hour later we finally got on the road and had to stop at Walmart for some finishing touches. We got to the campground around 830ish and got to experience the joy of setting up our tent for the first time ever – and in the dark nonetheless. It all worked out good and we didn’t even argue.

It is obviously NOT an Insta tent but it worked for 2 nights


Since it was late we simply went to bed.

It was chilly in the morning and the boys enjoyed the warm fire

24(1) 24(3)

We had them randomly go an find firewood. They looked and looked and came back with some interesting pieces.


Then it was fishing time. We should remember that EVERY time we come here to go camping that there are NO fish in the lake. But we have fun being out on the water.

24(5) 24(6)

Then it was back to the campsite for some relaxing. we basically had this section of the campground to ourselves so the boys were able to run around and play in the road without little interruption. (Yeah you heard that right…I let my kids play in the road!)

Here they are taking turns racing each other – one on foot and one on the bike. For any of you who are familiar with the show StreetOutlaws they are re-enacting it. It is basically souped up drag racing. Jeremy called it “Just like street oulaws only weirder.” Gabe had his iPod set up at the finish line in case of photo finishes – of which there were a few! It was a blast to watch and listen to


All in all we had fun and got back home with less than 24 hours to get all ready to head out again to camp at the Little League World Series